Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 Weeks

So much to talk about, so little time.

Goat Island Marine Reserve

It's the summertime now. The weather is beautiful and I want to be outside. Travis and I taught a few of our friends how to play "American Football" yesterday. All we heard today was "THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! WE HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN!!" It WAS a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again. We will because the weather is so damn awesome right now.

We're playing netball again - we still suck, but at least we look a bit better. We lost tonight 35 - 17. But we got 17!!! WOW! Travis and Sarah were on fire! I even got a goal/basket/scorie thingy. The other teams hate playing us because we suck so bad. Oh well...

What else is new? Trav and I went on an awesome hike a few weeks ago in the Waitakere Ranges. I bought Travis a 3/4 length wetsuit for a graduation present (and one for myself) so we could extend our swimming season here. We went snorkeling at Goat Island again 2 weekends ago. It was really weird - it was like snorkeling through jelly. We're not sure if they were jellyfish or fish eggs, but either way it was kind of gross swimming through millions of little clear floaty things. They almost obstructed the view of the rays we saw close to shore. I had only seen sting rays and eagle rays behind glass in aquariums. I was within 10 feet of 3 different rays, snorkeling right over top. (who knows - they might have been the same one ;)) I was completely freaked out for about a second. It was pretty close to the coolest thing I've ever seen underwater. We still don't know whether they are eagle rays or stingrays. I read that eagle rays live in open water. These were definitely bottom dwelling close to shore.

I lost two pairs of sunglasses in 2 weeks. :( Sarah bought me a new pair for Christmas/Birthday. Thanks Sarah!

Travis and I went to the Santa Parade last Sunday. Trav has a few photos, but the battery in his camera died before the good floats came by. Crap.

Janci and Jared arrived on Monday! Then they left again on Tuesday. Off they went to tour the islands, and I've heard that Jared already bungee jumped *somewhere*. When they come back up to Auckland we're going to take them boogie boarding and have parties and play football and just do stuff. I don't know if we can fit it all into 7 days, but we'll try. Thanks mom for the chapstick, Cheezies, maple syrup, and Christmas presents. The Cheezies are almost gone. I'm hiding the rest for Christmas time.

Corner of K'Road and Ponsonby Road. Anti-nuclear murals.

Nothing else is really new or interesting here - I'm trying to keep up with the political happenings back home. I'm all in favour of shaking up politics in Canada, and it makes for interesting (and infuriating) reading. I have found that I can't read comments on news websites anymore because too many ignorant people comment on those sites and it makes me angry.

It's past my bedtime. I just figured I should write because I just saw Arianna Huffington on The Daily Show, and she told me to blog. ;)

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WorldEmpress said...

I love Cheezies, and I love Christmas, but if I had a hoard of Cheezies, I don't know if I'd be thinking, "gotta save me some cheezies for Christmas."

Dammit, I should not have started a comment about cheezies at 8pm when I haven't eaten supper yet.