Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Item of the Week - Towel Heater

I'm sure these items are found in other parts of the world, but I'm not sure what I would do without my towel heater.

The mildewy smell is not very pleasant if your towels don't properly dry. I remember this smell from the last time I was in Auckland visiting my sister. Imagine, if you can, a day in Saskatchewan when your towel couldn't dry on the bar overnight. You can't imagine? How about if your hang-dry laundry couldn't dry in 10 hours. No? I'm on day 3 of some of my laundry. Thank goodness we have our own water heater closet. This water heater closet houses the water heater and vacuum cleaner. It also is very useful to dry damp clothes, like jeans, cargo pants, or hiking boots.

Between the water heater closet and the towel heater, our "drying of articles" takes less time. Yay!

You may wonder why we don't put our clothes in the drier. We don't have a drier. Many people don't. Requires too much electricity and too much space. Our washing machine is actually a "washer/drier combo", but it's a useless piece of junk in the drying aspect. It doesn't so much "dry" as it does "warm up." It tumbles the clothes, but it's not air drying... no hot air is pumped in.... and there's no vent going out. It's much easier to just take out the wet clothes and hang them about the house.

This became a rant about drying clothes. That's unfortunate. Stay tuned for new pictures from the last month. I've been very lazy.

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