Friday, June 20, 2008

My Letter to KiwiFM

I've been listening to KiwiFM in the mornings. They've been talking about Kyle Macdonald, the Red Paperclip, and Kipling. One of the morning show hosts mentioned she'd trade her job for the house in Kipling. There have been lots of emails talking about what Saskatchewan is like. I had to throw my two cents in - so I emailed them this morning. Here is my email.... it was then read on the air about 10 minutes ago. However, they called me Amy Templeton. Twice.

Girl from Saskatchewan, now in Auckland. 2 cents about Kipling.

Hey guys,
I've been listening to you talk about Kipling the last couple of days.
I am from Saskatchewan. My boyfriend is from Kipling. I've seen the
paper clip. It's not as big as you'd think.

There is no comparing Kipling (or any small towns in Saskatchewan for
that matter) to anywhere in New Zealand. There are a lot of lakes in
Saskatchewan, but nowhere to go surfing or snorkeling. There are ski
hills (yes - hills - but they're actually just river valleys) - but to
get to the Rocky mountains you would have to drive for 8 hours.

As for turning Kyle's house into a Backpackers? No one travels through
Kipling. It's not on a main highway. I think there are 3 backpackers
in all of Saskatchewan.

I love Saskatchewan - it's my home - but there's a reason I'm
currently living in New Zealand - one reason being the weather. It's
true - the average winter temperature is -20 deg. Celcius.

The people in Saskatchewan are lovely - and that's probably why the
people stay there despite not having any scenery. I'd say Saskatchewan
isn't the prettiest girl at the party, but definitely has a great
personality and that's what makes her attractive.

I'm not going to say either way whether you should seriously consider
moving to Kipling. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in... :) It's
always fun when you hear about your hometown when you're in another


Amy Templeman


Shane Giroux said...

Classic "grass is always greener" story, eh?

amy rae said...

The grass is definitely greener here. So are the trees. Even in the winter. :)