Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunrise, Sunset

Now that the longest night of the year is over, I feel it's time for some accounting. Since we moved to Auckland, Saskatoon has had 366.1 hours more sunshine than here. That's 15 and a quarter days. And by the time the equinox rolls around, we'll have lost 762.2 hours of daylight.
A whole extra month of darkness.
The graph above shows the number of daylight hours per day through the year in Auckland and Saskatoon. The shaded area shows the time that we've lived in NZ. If you want to do these calculations yourself for your own part of the world, I've uploaded the code to Matlab File Exchange. It should be available shortly.

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amy rae said...

This post stems from Travis being very angry last week at the lack of daylight. I can't say lack of sunlight, although that factors into it as well (we've had less overall sunlight, as well, but more than I expected before moving here).