Monday, July 7, 2008


Right now it's 8 degrees and raining outside, and it's about 13 degrees inside. BOO. Travis has the space heater at his office, still. A lot of good it does there when I'm freezing my ass off in here. I'm wearing a toque, wool socks, BIG wool sock/slippers, tank top, wool sweater with hood, scarf and jeans. And two blankets (I'm working on the couch). Brrrrrrrrrr.

I'm working in town today - at the "Upper Queen Residence", and I've attempted to block out the draft with our draft-blocker thingy.... long plush lion. Anywhoo, I just received my merino wool hand/arm warmers in the mail today - I ordered them online - and it's so much more comfortable to work. I've gotta break them in, yet. I don't quite have the keyboard span I used to without them on. Oh well. My hands are warmer.

The Christmas party was a success, in my opinion. Lots of food, lots of drink, lots of laughs, and lots of really disgusting conversation. We kept coming back to really hideous topics... but we played games and opened gifts and a good time was had by all... at least that's what they told the hostess. ;)

Travis is busy working today after some busy days last week and a fairly relaxing weekend. I'm also busy working, but taking a break to write this post to describe how stupidly freezing I am.

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