Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend full of Baking and Stuff

I made food for our upcoming Christmas in July party. Saturday was the shopping day, and Sunday was the "prepare the food" day.

I made the following:
Perogies (potato, cheese and onion, of course)
Inhaler Buns (grandma's recipe)
Cinnamon Buns
Nanaimo Bars

Just call me Baba Amy

Perogies. The first batch I made on Saturday weren't very good - I didn't add enough salt to the potato mix... tasted really blah. The batch I made on Sunday were excellent - I added more salt and grated "tasty" (aged cheddar) cheese rather than mostly cream cheese. Hopefully they cook up well.

Inhaler Buns. The outcome was WAY better than I had anticipated. I thought that I had ruined the buns due to an issue with the yeast - I used "Surebake Yeast", and I had to double the quantity as called for in the recipe due to it's unique makeup. I thought I had killed it, but no. It worked out just great! The buns were really damn close to the way grandma's taste, so I guess I did good! YAY! My cinnamon buns didn't work as well, only because I stuffed too many of them in the pan. Oops. Travis calls them cinnamon bun roll-ups - they furiously unravel themselves. I'll have to make another small batch of those.

Nanaimo bars. The ones I made on Sunday were pretty close to the ones that Sarah and I made on Wednesday night. I was a bit too impatient and put the chocolate on top while it was still too warm, so it's quite thin. Oh well. I'm sure they'll taste just fine, even when I had to use crushed Arrowroot cookies instead of graham cracker crumbs. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, graham crackers don't exist outside of North America, so I had to do some research to find a suitable substitute.

I just put some brownies in the oven. Hopefully they're good.

And a thank you to Sarah for giving me my first apron. Awwww...

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