Friday, April 11, 2008

Personality Types

Turns out it's not where but who you're with that really matters.
- Dave Matthews, "Best of What's Around"

Travis and I are learning how to live with each other. The other day we were discussing Myers-Briggs personality types. Travis is a INTJ. Apparently that means you're a brilliant judgmental intuitive introvert. I think this statement (from the wikipedia article) sums up his personality to a T.

INTJs apply (often ruthlessly) the criterion "Does it work?" to everything from their own research efforts to the prevailing social norms. This in turn produces an unusual independence of mind, freeing the INTJ from the constraints of authority, convention, or sentiment for its own sake... INTJs are known as the "Systems Builders" of the types, perhaps in part because they possess the unusual trait combination of imagination and reliability. Whatever system an INTJ happens to be working on is for them the equivalent of a moral cause to an INFJ; both perfectionism and disregard for authority may come into play... Personal relationships, particularly romantic ones, can be the INTJ's Achilles heel... This happens in part because many INTJs do not readily grasp the social rituals... Perhaps the most fundamental problem, however, is that INTJs really want people to make sense.

Here's another excellent article on Caring for your Introvert. I really laughed out loud at parts of it... apparently Travis really is an introvert.

Travis kept sending me all this information on how he was an INTJ... and I said, "I can take the hint - I'll leave you alone!"

I took a weird online version of the Myers-Briggs personality test. I told Travis, "The questions keep repeating, but I'm answering differently every time!" But, apparently that's how they distinguish one type from another.

It turns out I am a INFJ. I am also an introvert, but then again I already knew that. This is what wikipedia says about INFJs:

According to Myers-Briggs, INFJs are conscientious and value-driven. They seek meaning in relationships, ideas, and events, with an eye toward better understanding themselves and others. Using their intuitive skills, they develop a clear vision, which they then execute decisively to better the lives of others. Like their INTJ counterparts, INFJs regard problems as opportunities for them to design and implement creative solutions.

Travis read somewhere (I have no source for it) that INFJs and INTJs are a well-suited match. Now that we know "pseudo-scientifically" that our personalities jive, we also know how to deal with one another. So, when we get into heated discussions, it basically comes down to either one of two things: 1) Travis wants me to be more reasonable, or 2) I want him to be more affectionate.

Try the test... it'll take about 5 or 10 minutes - the outcome is interesting. You'll find out exactly who you are if you didn't already. ;)

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