Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Update

I've been lazy with photos.

I don't have a camera. Travis has a camera. Mine got lost en route to Auckland. Sad, sad Amy.

There are photos on Travis's hard drive that I have just recently found - some of them dating from May 30. I did not have these on MY computer, hence, did not post them on the blog. Now I've got some... I'm still missing quite a few, but here's a start to tide you over.

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Megan said...

Wow. That might be worth a couple of sand flea bites. (Which creature I had no idea existed until just now.)

Also, second last picture. I realize there was another line on that sign, but I totally thought it was missing a "TEH": PRON HERTS TEH MENZ.

amy rae said...

I can't believe someone actually reads this. :)

That parade was the most surreal thing I've ever walked next to (it started across the street from my house, and extended the full length of Queen Street, which is a couple KM long... we walked with them to the bottom of Queen Street, because we were going that way anyway.)

I had no idea sand fleas existed either until a friend told me that's what my bites probably were. I don't react to mosquitos or any Saskie bugs.