Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dr. Penfield - I Smell Burnt Toast

Multitasking is a very difficult thing for me - especially when it requires 1) hot kitchen appliances; and 2) computers.

Distracted by work and my crappy, crappy internet connection that allows me to do ZERO work at the moment, my toast got charred. SO charred, in fact, that it set off all the working smoke detectors in my place (note: Hallway smoke detector is not working) and has filled my apt with smoke. I thought it had been an hour since it went off, but it's only been 20 minutes. Still smells like burning.

I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if the gods of the Internet could deliver my modem so I could actually get something done today... and gimme back my toast. Grr.

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amy rae said...

The gods love me. I got my internet.

But the lords of the smoke detector hate me because I got a lovely welcome from the Body Corporate's Fire Service (it's the condo board who runs the fire alarms)..... basically removing my smoke detectors cost me about $85 because someone had to come out to make sure everything was kosher....

What did we learn here? Don't burn toast. I mean, don't take smoke detectors off, not even for a second. :(