Monday, March 17, 2008


Not many people would find the topic of yogurt interesting. I know I don't.

However, I have started to make my own yogurt. It's partly out of thriftiness, partly out of practicality.

I eat a lot of yogurt. Since Travis and I live so far from any big supermarket with decent prices and selection, I have found a cheaper and lighter way to transport yogurt home.

EasiYo is a system of yogurt making at home. You buy a package of yogurt powder for about $3.50, purchase the EasiYo yogurt maker (basically a big thermos to suspend your yogurt container in), put the powder inside the yogurt container, add cold water, shake, place inside thermos thingy with boiling water..... and voila! In six to twelve hours you have delicious yogurt at home. And it's fresh and live and yummy.

I just finished making wildberry drinkable yogurt (Yop, anyone?) - and it's SO good. I started a new batch of plain yogurt again. Travis actually eats it, too, which is weird because he doesn't usually like yogurt.

Seriously, I'm really impressed with how easy it is. And, when I bought my yogurt maker I got a free moisturizer inside! Ya, EasiYo has a line of facial products - cleanser and moisturizers - made out of yogurt. The moisturizer is really nice, actually.

I'm going to finish drinking my homemade yop. mmmmmmmmm....

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