Friday, March 7, 2008

Update on the Living Situation

[this was originally written as an email to family, sent March 6, 2008]
Everything is good so far - we found a place to live... yay! And we even have dishes and forks and spoons and one pot. And Pillows! we'll be sleeping in luxury this evening. ;) But I have lost my camera, so any pictures we send will be from Travis's camera, and he's a little lax with the photo uploads, so I don't know when those will be available.

If you're interested in seeing where we live on a map, click the link:,+nz&sll=-34.563121,173.097839&sspn=0.974849,1.724854&ie=UTF8&ll=-36.857699,174.760938&spn=0.0074,0.013475&z=16&iwloc=addr

Our apartment has 2 balconies - one facing east, and one west. I can't remember where the sun comes up because I'm all messed up with the sun being in the north part of the sky. You wouldn't know how confusing your directions become until the sun isn't in the same part of the sky anymore. I have to look at most maps upside down to understand where I am. ;) Anyway, one balcony faces an old Jewish cemetery - but all we see are the tops of very very old, lovely trees. It takes Travis 15 minutes to walk to work, and it takes me 2 seconds, if I'm lazy. We do have a spare room in this place if anyone would like to visit....

Trav likes work, as far as I can tell.... his boss is really nice and is taking us on an excursion next weekend with his 3rd year students. We're going to the same place this weekend - it's called Leigh and it's north of Auckland. Apparently there's good snorkeling.

We've been out and about most nights this week - out with Helen or Emma.... We're really close to a fun pub called The Dogs Bollix and every Monday night Helen and her friends attend "Quiz Night" - it is what it sounds like - there's quiz questions, and if your team answers the most right, you get prizes. It's really fun!

Anywhoo.... that's a mini-update from me. It's getting late (10:20pm - apparently that's late for me now) so I'm going to test out my new $35 pillow. This better be the best thing I've ever slept on.

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