Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Office!

I finally got a chance to set up my new office space. It's still in my apartment, however, my computer isn't sitting on my kitchen table anymore.

Travis and I moved our bed from the "master" bedroom (which is still pretty tiny), to the smaller room (now the bed has 2ft of room on one side of it). I spend most of my waking hours working, so I figured I'd rather have space and a balcony in my office. :)

I've got my zu name-plate in the window and everything. I have yet to make a sign and put it up.... I'll hang it from my balcony ;).

The unfortunate thing about my office is that it is also housing a spare bed. Behind the spare bed is spare headboards and random crap that was left in here that we don't want laying around... like a crappy lace curtain. I'm hiding the bed with a crappy, mauve bed skirt. Hopefully I'll be able to find some cheap fabric and kind of make a partition.... maybe hang it from the ceiling or something with a makeshift curtain rod. That's my grand idea, anyway. Right now the office is looking a little dodgy, especially since we have no extension cords or power bars yet. We also need an extra table/desk/flat top area. Hopefully in the next few weeks everything will be set up properly and it'll not be so ghetto.

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