Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daily Obsessions

My first cast glass piece. I like the colours.

I've noticed over the past few weeks I've started obsessing over things. Little things. For very short periods of time. Ideas, people, books, movies, arts, crafts, designs, you name it, I've obsessed over it.

Most recently I have obsessed over the following:

Thursday, August 7 - The Princess Bride 30th Edition novel. Goldman is a genius.

Friday - Art, and in particular, visual communications. Got 2 books from the library. AND the Olympics opening ceremonies. This obsession carried over until Saturday.

Saturday - Art - making crafts and arty things. I bought fabric (I'm going to make a merino wool dress when I find someone with a sewing machine). Then we went out and bought outdoor solar lights and jars and made Sun Jars.

Sunday, Monday - Dexter - the TV show, the book, the character, and the actor (Michael C. Hall). I read the book in 2 days. Wonderfully written, but I like the show better, I think because I think Michael C. Hall is dreamy and creepy at the same time. Sub-obsession: running (I didn't actually go running, but found myself running programs online that I could actually follow - but I haven't yet. Then I felt bad for not going running. The weather was beautiful... what was my issue?).

Tuesday - Test The Nation - Canadian Trivia, Eh? on the CBC website. I realized I didn't know as much weird obscure Canadian trivia as I thought. Andrew and I successfully found the answers to all the questions we didn't know the answers to. Sub-obsession: Beaker (from the Muppet Show).

Wednesday - Shortland Street (NZ TV show - this is my most common obsession lately, because I can easily get my SS fix online)

Thursday - Batman, and more particularly, Christian Bale. He's always dreamy. Sub-obsession: The Littlest Hobo.

It's weird. I research, I read, I watch videos, and I think about this obsession constantly for a few hours, then I completely forget about it. I am beginning to self-analyze, and this makes perfect sense to why I can never finish what I start.

I can even predict what my next obsessions will be (not in any particular order or intensity):

  • Shortland Street

  • Painting

  • Gardening, herbs and strawberries in particular

  • Holidays

  • Money and budgets

  • Websites

  • Friends' lives

  • Food

  • Dieting

  • Exercise and sports

  • Freaky news events

  • Festivals

  • Eddie Izzard and transvestites

  • My new Honda Civic

The list could go on. I must go back to being obsessed over work and colour schemes. Right now, I'm working on the AREVA website doing another designy-type thing (based off a previous designy-type thing) and I'm obsessing over how colour schemes work. You might not call this an obsession, but I've got a collection of colour-scheme websites that I have recently bookmarked. Very interesting stuff to me at this moment in time....

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