Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enough with the Eggs Already!

I don't understand the phenomenon of adding a fried egg to a perfectly good burger (or ham sandwich, or chili, etc), but that's often what you'll find on a sandwich in New Zealand.

Take, for instance, the Kiwi Burger at McDonalds. Beetroot, fried egg, and a beef patty. And, of course, other "salads" (which is Kiwi-speak for onion, lettuce, tomato... or anything that would go INTO a salad).

Also, the beetroot phenomenon - also added to burgers and sandwiches as part of the "salad" on the sandwich. Take a look at the menu from Burger Fuel. Terrific burger recipes... too bad they don't taste as good as they sound.

I will have to do a bit more research to find out why eggs are added to burgers. I'll keep you posted.

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