Monday, August 18, 2008

New Obsession

This was me in May sprinting across the finish line of the women's duathlon.

I will decide next week whether I think my body will be able to handle a half marathon. Emma has asked if I want to run in the Auckland Marathon... and at first I said "Yes?". Then I did some reading, did a bit of research, went for a couple of runs, and checked out the running program that they've got online. If I follow that, I should be good to go by the time the Marathon rolls around on November 2. However, this doesn't take into account my poor little legs and the pain they endure when I run more than twice a week. That's why I'm giving myself until next week to see how I feel.

There is a Quarter Marathon option that I think I will participate if I don't think I can handle the Half.

Other weekend obsessions: The Olympics. I am cheering for Canada and New Zealand. Isn't that nice of me. However, as of this post Canada is beating New Zealand in the medal standings 7 medals to 5!!!! (I thought NZ was still beating us 5-3!)

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